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Future Sanitation Inc. operates one of the most modern and efficient recycling facilities in the region. Each year we recycle an average of 52,000 tons of paper and cardboard and 13,000 tons of glass, aluminum and plastic. The waste is processed into raw material, which is then used to create new products.

What can be recycled?

GLASS - we accept clear, green, and brown glass. DO NOT recycle dishes, light bulbs, drinking glasses, pyrex, ceramics or window glass.

CANS - this includes aluminum, tin, and bi-metal cans. DO NOT recycle foil trays, scrap aluminum, or aluminum foil.

PLASTICS - this includes #1 through #7 plastics. (plastics are marked on the bottom of the container in a triangle made of arrows-indicated in the arrows would be a #1 through #7 or marked with the initials PET or HDPE)

NEWSPAPER - included with the recycling of newspaper would be any glossy print, junk mail, magazines, phone books, office/copy paper. Cardboard is acceptable. DO NOT recycle any cartons which have a foil layer. Do not include any Styrofoam.

Please DO NOT over fill any containers – The material will fall out while we are servicing or will be blown around your neighborhood. We cannot be responsible if over loaded.

In addition to the above, we recycle dirt, concrete, asphalt, grass, stumps and brush in a Passaic Recycling Yard.  We also accept non-hazardous soils with proper documentation.

Please call today for pricing and locations.

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